Organic Vegetable Farming?

Do you want to start your Organic Vegetable farm? then you need to read this.

Organic vegetable systems are often complex, including many vegetable varieties with rotations of fallow and cover crops to build the soil and reduce disease incidence. A good farm plan takes into consideration many factors:

  • Soil type
  • Current state of soil
  • Your expectations of the crop
  • Rotations to deter the pests but also to build and balance the soil
  • Climate
  • Environment
  • Market expectations
  • Your market(s)
  • Resources at your disposal
  • Personal experiences and those of fellow farmers
  • Most importantly: your skills and abilities

When starting an organic vegetable business, you should:

  • Allow for at least a year to plan
  • Speak to those with experience
  • Read to educate yourself
  • Attend educational sessions
  • Share your ideas with fellow farmers
  • Listen to responses
  • Incorporate ideas into a farm plan
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Sparking up Youth involvement in Agriculture with Social Media

Kalu Samuel's Blog

staking my tomatoes

staking my tomatoes

ICTs and indeed Social media has come to stay, over a billion subscribers are active on Facebook alone! There is a strong need therefore to engage the youth and spark up their interest in various forms of Agriculture with Social media tools as they are always on these platforms.

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Garri can make you rich


Cassava is one of the most popular and widely consumed food crops in Africa. Because it is such an important food in the region and an extremely versatile crop, it is commonly referred to as cornerstone of food security in Africa. The competing needs for cassava cut across both human and animal consumption. It is fast becoming a popular raw material in industrial production and is now a preferred material for making biofuels.


As Africa’s population and economy continues to grow rapidly, the demand for food staples like cassava has increased. This high demand for various forms of processed cassava is pushing prices to the ceiling. Several small scale cassava farmers are making a fortune and changing their lives through this business. Let’s explore the opportunities in cassava production and possible areas you can exploit..
Cassava is highly adaptable to our tropical climate and soils, and remains very popular for…

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Youth Empowerment Scheme for Agriculture graduates in Nigeria via ARMTI



In pursuant of the Agricultural Transformation Agenda (ATA),  The Agricultural And Rural Management Training institute (ARMTI), invites Youth to seize the opportunity of the ATA and participation in its Empowerment scheme.

The scheme is aimed at addressing the problems of youth unemployment provide necessary entrepreneur skills for the selected Agricultural graduates and link them with selected financial institutions that will provide them loans to engage on agricultural enterprise of their choice.Participation in the scheme is open to both male and female candidates desiring to take career in agricultural enterprises.

Requirements for participation

 Any of the participant should fulfill the following conditions among others

1. Be a Nigerian with evidence
2. Be physically fit and willing to work hard
3. Have interest in Agricultural production/enterprise
4. Be between 22 and 39 years of age
5. Have a solid agricultural production background
6. Have minimum Bachelor Degree…

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Enter Now for the #IUFRO2014 Blog Competition



Ahead of the upcoming IUFRO World Congress, we want to provide a platform for you to showcase your work and enter for a chance to win a cash prize of $500 USD! We know that there is a lot of interesting work being conducted around the world and that a lot of this work flies “under the radar”. This is your chance to bring awareness to your research or project and showcase its importance to the global forest community.

Here is what we would like you to do:

  • Write a blog article of max 750 words that introduces your research, latest initiative, or project and how it relates to the IUFRO2014 Congress Theme — Sustaining Forests, Sustaining People – The Role of Research.
  • Forests and trees provide a wide range of environmental, economic, social, and cultural benefits to people in rural communities and urban centers worldwide. Ensure that you capture…

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Six tips for Nigerian banks to help financing agriculture



As I sat in the e-conference Hall of the Kenya School of Monetary Studies, the venue for the 2nd African Continental Briefing organised as part of the Fin4Ag Conference: Revolutionising Finance for Agri-value chains, I could not but help listen attentively as Esther Muiruri, the General Manager Marketing and Communications, from Equity Bank gave the presentation on “Banking Agriculture in the Eastern African Region”. As she spoke, all I could say to myself was “These are the things the banks in Nigeria should be doing to finance agriculture”.

Today I am going to share the 6 things done by the Equity Bank in East Africa, that in my view, I believe Nigerian Banks will find helpful if implemented both for them as a business and for the beneficiaries (players in the agric sector).

Understand the client: the risks in agriculture are not perception, they are realities. As a matter…

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Starting up a poultry business


Poultry farming has become one of the most important aspects of agriculture for some reasons.

1. It create business opportunity for Entrepreneurs

2. It provides employment for job seeking citizens

3. It is the kind of business that can never dry up

4. It brings in lot of income Poultry farming is very profitable.

A good poultry farmer earns above 10 million baits per annum depending on how big the farm is. All these benefits are open to you if you start your own poultry farm today. There are basically three types of chicken.

1. The pullets popularly known as Layers: Layers are reared for egg production and most lucrative but more stressing compare to the other once.

2. The Broiler Chicken: Broilers are reared for meat production; The Broilers grows very faster and are ready for sale at 12 weeks from hatch.

3. The third is the cockerel: This…

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The Day I Introduced Myself as a Farmer…

The Day I Introduced Myself as a Farmer….

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waste to wealth


Mayyourroadberough .(Dr Tai Solarin). This was my experience at Songhai training center for sustainable agriculture. My first day in the institute was not a great one I must confess.I was put in the maggot breeding house popularly called Nicon Hilton in the institute. This house is the place where maggots are bred using waste  products from animal,plant or brewery. These maggots are then use to feed fishes. I could barely eat for two days,  it felt like it was the end of the world and i was almost quitting then i remembered a quote by Dr Tai Solarin (of blessed memory) that the road to success is rough and that the end is always better than the beginning so I made up my mind not to quit because am a winner. By  the fourth day I was already acclimatized to everything and I started breeding maggots.


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Quail eggs are undoubtedly very nutritious and are proven to have numerous health benefits that cut across many illnesses and health conditions common to all ages. Quail eggs are said to be very low in calories and little or no trace of carbohydrates.

Quail eggs are full of Essential nutrients such as:
Vitamin A (retinol)
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B1
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
  Research also confirmed that quail eggs are antioxidants and also contain;

1. Omega-3
2. Omega-6 fatty acids
3. Selenium,
4. Choline
    It is also rich in minerals such as;
Folic acid
These key essential nutrients all packed in one small Quail egg makes it a prized dietary and healing food that you must take regularly. ·       


Quail Eggs For A Healthy Skin : Quail eggs control allergic skin…

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